4 Ways to Spend The Day at Anacostia Park

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Living at Maple View Flats means Anacostia Park is easily accessible. With miles of trails and endless entertainment there’s plenty of ways to spend a day at Anacostia Park. Head to this national park and enjoy these fun activities while the weather is still nice.


1. Get In A Workout

While Maple View Flats has a fitness center on-site, Anacostia Park offers an outdoor workout that’s fun and challenging. Work up a sweat with 18 different pieces of equipment available. Choose between strength training and aerobic exercises or get a full-body workout.


2. Practice Your Sport

Grab your friends and neighbors to shoot some hoops, play tennis, kick a soccer ball, throw a frisbee and much more. Find multiple basketball and tennis courts as well as spacious playing fields. 


3. Admire The Aquatic Garden

Walk around the waters edge and admire the lily pads at Kenilworth Aquatic Garden. You might even see some turtles hanging around. You can find various events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  


4. Take A Walk Through The Park

Anacostia River Trail is a 3.5 mile paved trailed that lines the length of the park. This trail lets you get around the park with ease. While your taking a stroll, be sure to take in the views of Anacostia River, the nature and wildlife that surrounds the park. 


Bonus: From Memorial Day to Labor Day you can get your skate on in the Anacostia Park Skate Pavilion. While skating might be closed for the fall, don’t miss the Scary Skate Party on October 27th. Dress up in your Halloween costume and enjoy one last skate of the season. 


Spending a day at Anacostia Park is easy when there’s so much to do. You won’t find a skating pavilion or aquatic garden at any other national park. Make plans to embrace nature and get active at Anacostia Park, just a five minute bike ride away from Maple View Flats.


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