Get Fit at These Gyms Near Maple View Flats

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With New Year’s resolutions around the corner, it’s a great time to evaluate your health and fitness routine. Stay on track with your fitness goals at these gyms near Maple View Flats. You’ll find a gym that matches your lifestyle from open gyms to group workouts. 


Maple View Flats Gym

Workout with a view when you live at Maple View Flats. This rooftop fitness center will have everything you need for full-body workout. You’ll never want to skip leg day here. Best of all, it will only be steps away from your front door.


VIDA Fitness

Located at the Capitol Riverfront, less than two miles from Maple View Flats, VIDA Fitness is a one-stop shop for fitness. They offer personal training, open gym, group fitness classes, pilates, nutrition counseling, massages and more. Finding the right program for you is easy with so many options at VIDA Fitness.


District CrossFit

Curious about this trendy workout? Give District CrossFit a try. You’ll train like an athlete with a professional coach guiding your workout. This workout is anything but boring with varying movements every class. You’ll be motivated and encouraged the whole time by others working out with you. Head to the largest CrossFit gym in DC roughly two miles from Maple View Flats.


Navy Yard Orangetheory Fitness

This heart-rate based, high-intensity interval training is a unique full-body workout. Orangetheory Fitness offers group classes led by a certified trainer that works your heart-rate into different zones while you’re on the weight-floor, treadmill or rower. Classes only take up an hour of your time. This Orangetheory location is only two miles from Maple View Flats. 


Easily access these gyms near Maple View Flats when you lease today. You’ll be within minutes of a workout that is convenient and fits your fitness goals. We hope you give these gyms a try when you live at Maple View Flats.


Ready to live the dream at Maple View Flats? Contact us today and see why you belong here.

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