Holiday Decorating Tips For Your Maple View Flats Home

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Create a festive Maple View Flats home by decorating for the holidays. There’s seasonal decor to make every room in you home merry and bright. Use these tips as inspiration for creating a magical space of your own.

1. Pick a Theme

Before you begin decorating, pick a theme for your home. Remember to keep it simple. Holiday decor can quickly get out of hand if you incorporate too many themes. Try picking a color scheme as your theme. Gold and green; white and red; or blue and silver are color combinations that are festive and elegant.

2. Add Greenery 

Winter greenery like pine, holly and mistletoe are great additions to any holiday decor. Incorporate them as garland or stick sprigs in various spaces around the room, like vases or around a candle. 

3. Decorate With Ornaments

These aren’t just for the tree. Ornaments in a vase are a simple yet beautiful touch to a shelf or table. Choose ornaments that are within your color scheme. A little glitter never hurt either.

4. Don’t Forget The Lights

Flameless candles by a window create a warm, cozy vibe on the inside and a traditional holiday display on the outside. You can also choose to decorate with string lights. Keep in mind, you don’t need to cover your entire Maple View Flats home with lights.

5. Have Fun With Festive Dinnerware

Make your dining room holiday ready with decorative dinnerware. Stay on theme with your colors and add prints if they fit. Decorate the rest of the table to complement your dishes. 

Don’t make decorating for the holidays stressful. Keep it simple and have a game plan going into it. We hope you’re getting excited for all the decorating possibilities for your future Maple View Flats home.

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