Maple View Flats Moving Tips To Help You Plan Ahead

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We know you’re anxiously awaiting the day when you get to move into your new home at Maple View Flats. You’ll find moving day to be stress-free with our various amenities and features designed to make life easier. As you prepare your things in boxes, keep in mind these Maple View Flats moving tips.

Plan Ahead

Go through your current living space and get rid of anything that no longer serves you. Maybe it’s clothing that you’ve had for years that are too big or small. Donate or toss these unwanted items. This will help you save space at your new home and make room for new items.

Ship Packages

Moving to DC or starting fresh with your decor? Receive deliveries in a safe and secure way with our Amazon hub concierge system. This is just one more way Maple View Flats makes life easier. 

Ask Questions

A perk of living at a Bozzuto property is having access to our helpful management team. Before your move or during your move, our friendly team is here for you and happy to answer your questions.

Label Your Boxes 

Make your move and unpacking a breeze by organizing and labeling your boxes based on rooms. This way you can easily put boxes where they need to be and help yourself out during the unpacking process. Reference your floor plan before you pack so you can continue to plan ahead on where items will go at your new home.

Use The Elevator

Moving takes a lot of time and energy. Give yourself a bit of a break by using the elevator to assist you in your move. This will especially be helpful for those on higher level floors. Your friends and family helping you move will be happy too.

We hope these Maple View Flats moving tips will help you plan for your big move. We’re excited to have you join the Bozzuto community.

Ready to live the dream at Maple View Flats? Contact us today and see why you belong here.

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