Decorate Your Maple View Flats Home With These Houseplants

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It’s Houseplant Appreciation Day! Nothing brings your apartment to life more than plants that are perfect for indoor living. With minimal care and sunlight you’ll be growing beautiful houseplants that can be used to decorate your Maple View Flats home. Find the right houseplant for your decor and lifestyle with these suggestions below. 


Spider Plant

Like the name implies, the spider plant is full of thin, long foliage. This versatile plant is easy to grow and adaptable to different environments. Use it as a hanging plant or in lower lit rooms, they’ll still flourish. If you’re new to houseplants, the spider plant is an easy starter plant and will look great in any space.


Aloe Vera Plant

You’re probably familiar with the medicinal purposes of aloe. The aloe vera plant is no different. Use it as decor or break off a leaf to sooth a burn. This succulent requires minimal watering and direct sunlight. It’s a handy houseplant to have around.


Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Most houseplants are great for decorating a shelf or tabletop. The fiddle-leaf fig, however, is tall and can be used as a floor plant. This houseplant can stand alone with its large, glossy green leaves to enhance a corner or add some color to a minimally decorated wall.


African Violet

This flowering houseplant brings more than a natural look to a room, it adds a little bit of color. Choose between a purple, blue, pink, red or white flower varieties. You’ll find these beautiful houseplants to be low maintenance as they require indirect sunlight and watering only when the soil is dry. 


These houseplants will be a great addition when you decorate your Maple View Flats home. No matter what room you’re trying to spruce up with nature there’s a houseplant that will work. Share with us your favorite houseplant. 


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