Brunch on H Street at These DC Restaurants

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Start your weekend off right with a delicious bunch on H Street. You’ll find classic brunch dishes, cocktails and so much more at these D.C. restaurants just a short drive from Maple View Flats. Call up your friends and family and try out these brunch spots this weekend.


Tony’s Breakfast

This locally owned restaurant has been serving breakfast dishes for more than 20 years on H Street. But don’t be fooled by the name, this place does so much more than breakfast. They’ve got you covered for early morning, lunch, dinner and, for serious eaters, fried chicken for any meal of the day. Get here from Maple View Flats in roughly 30 minutes or less via bike, public transit or car. 


Sally’s Middle Name

Find locally sourced and an ever changing brunch menu at Sally’s Middle Name. Located roughy 20-30 minutes from Maple View Flats, this H Street brunch spot offers dishes outside of American brunch classics and instead gives your taste buds a unique experience. Currently offered is a Thai Rice Porridge that includes pork, a poached egg, herbs and chilis. Also, you won’t want to skip the cocktails here. 


Le Grenier

Treat yourself to brunch at Le Grenier. This two-course brunch happy hour is available on Saturdays and Sundays and includes a mimosa. Come hungry because the appetizers and desserts are definitely tempting. Brunch in style here with just a 20-30 minute ride from Maple View Flats. 



Brunch at Sospeso where dishes are made with fresh, local ingredients and inspired by the Mediterranean. There’s a variety of dishes that are sure to satisfy all types of eaters. Brunch on lamb hash or some French toast and enjoy bottomless mimosas. Get your brunch on here within 20-30 minutes from Maple View Flats.


With H Street just a short ride from Maple View Flats and full of restaurant options, you can make brunch a regular weekend outing. Share with us your favorite place to brunch on H Street. 


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