How to Get Motivated in the Morning When You Live At Maple View Flats

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Getting motivated for the day or even the week can often be a challenge. When you live at Maple View Flats, motivation is all around. From the moment you wake up you’ll find opportunities to get your day started off right. Use these tips to getting motivated when you live at Maple View Flats.

Washington, DC Views

You’re sure to find motivation when you wake up in a room with a view. Large windows bring in natural lighting and beautiful views of Capital Hill and downtown DC. If that’s enough to get you moving in the morning head to the rooftop for the best views in the community.

Morning Workout Routine

Wake up with a sweat session throughout the week. It’s easy to get into a morning workout routine when you live at Maple View Flats. This convenient fitness center has everything you need to get in a full-body workout. You’ll love having the amazing views of DC to look at for additional motivation.

Morning Conference Room Prep

Feeling overly distracted in the morning? Head to the conference room for some peace and quiet, perfect for getting yourself organized for your big meeting or presentation. You can even use this space to work from home or collaborate with others. 


Convenient Breakfast Locations

Feel motivated by your breakfast when you have options within walking distance of Maple View Flats. Start your morning off with a delicious, natural smoothie, waffle, pastry or fruit bowl from Turning Natural, less than a five minute walk from Maple View Flats.  

Never have a boring morning when you live at Maple View Flats. What motivates you in the mornings?

Ready to live the dream at Maple View Flats? Contact us today and see why you belong here.

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